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izzbie ONE

What is izzbie

izzbie ONE works like a portal to your home or office network, only you are the one who has the key to it. Simply plug it into your home router through an ethernet cable, and you have instant access to your home network anytime and from anywhere using a mobile device or computer.

Except for one thing - izzbie ONE does not limit the number of networks you can connect to simultaneously.

izzbie ONE gives you the power to combine an unlimited number of local networks together. Once you log in to your izzbie app, you instantly unlock the power to remotely access all the network systems and devices in all your homes and offices as if they are all within the same network.

You can circumvent geolocation restriction by selecting one of your home networks when you travel. So you can see the web contents not available at your destination.

And since your online data is always protected by AES 256 bit encryption, your privacy is safe when using public wifi.

Your ultimate protection

Have you been relying on 3rd party VPN services for protection? You’re not alone. Many have turned to 3rd party VPNs as a solution to privacy issues.

Unfortunately, VPNs have their own vulnerabilities. Because any time you allow a third party to handle your data, you risk having someone monitor your data and activities. Third party VPNs are no exception. The only way to keep your information and activity 100% secure is to transmit no data.

None. As in zero.

That’s what sets izzbie ONE apart. It’s a physical product that creates a gateway which keeps all of your data securely inside all your home networks.

Where no third party can touch it without your permission.

Your information is protected by AES 256 bit encryption to keep it safe in public. And you’ll never have to leave your private network again. Enjoy the safest, most private online experience no matter where you are.


AES 256 encryption technology stops hackers in their tracks.


Your data does not go through any 3rd party VPN proxy servers. It stays safe.


Log in from anywhere on your computer, phone, or tablet. There is nothing to carry.

No VPN Blocks, Ever.

Just because you’re in another country doesn’t mean you have to leave your important files and apps contents behind.

izzbie uses proprietary Software Define Network technology, which is unaffected by VPN blocks that are imposed by some websites and regions.

Stay connected during your next vacation or business trip.

Access YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and more, as easily as you would at home.

IP masking

See what you see from home, no matter where you are. 100% Freedom. No VPN protocol means no VPN blocks.

Stay in Touch

Connect to your social media and emails accounts, stream your favorite shows, and access web services on the go.

The key to your private network

We won’t call it private unless it’s indeed, private. izzbie gives you better speed, privacy, and reliability by skipping 3rd party cloud and P2P software.

Reach your personal computers, NASs, IP cameras, wireless printers, and other IoT devices directly through your own private tunnel.

Better yet, izzbie allows you to easily create a virtual mesh network with as many locations as you want - as long as each location is set up with an izzbie ONE.

Through the izzbie app, you can virtually be at any or all of the locations within. And you will have access to all the network resources in each of them.

Better security

Your data is always protected with encryption.

Centralized network

Link up multiple home or office networks to form one centralized private network.

Enhanced Speed

Your data doesn’t go through cloud servers, so file backup and retrieval become a whole lot faster.

Complete Privacy

All data remains private within your network.

Simplified Access

Access all of your IT resources inside your networks with one login.

Collaboration Capability

Allows multiple members to share all resources within your centralized network.

It’s nice to share

With izzbie ONE, you can easily share and build your virtual mesh network with other users.

Easy to share

Just send an invitation to another user from the control panel.

Circumvent geolocation restrictions

Give all users access to contents from other countries.

Private communication

Share files directly from personal digital storage so they never leave the network.

Intuitive user experience

It doesn’t get easier than this! Just log in to the izzbie app on your device whenever you need data protection, or access to your personal network or to browse geolocation restricted web contents. It’s really that easy.